Blue Room

3 to 5 year olds

Learning through play

We continue to build children’s independence skills, self-confidence and natural curiosity in the Blue Room. The emphasis here is on developing conversational language and friendships as well as lifelong learning skills such as being curious, finding out and exploring and making links across their learning.

We encourage children to keep on trying when they encounter a problem and celebrate their success. We promote and extend concentration and language through our ‘plan, do and review’ routines. In addition to the learning children choose for themselves we extend their language, mathematical and physical development daily through carefully planned innovative and exciting focus group work, based on their next steps and interests.

Learning is reinforced through sharing experiences from home at school and from school to home, linking the learning. We also hold Saturday Specials each half term as a way for families to come together to build friendships whilst having fun. We use Helicopter Stories to assess children’s language and thinking skills. Our recent research project with Sheffield Hallam University (TWITCH) helps children to learn traditional tales and reflect on them using a Philosophy for Children approach.


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