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What can children wear?

We want children to enjoy themselves here. They need play clothes so that they can paint and do other messy activities and when needed warm, waterproof clothes for outdoor play. Please put names in coats and jackets. Spare clothes are kept in case of accidents.

What are your opening hours?

Our hours of opening are 8.00a.m.-6.00p.m. If you need childcare outside these hours please speak to the staff who will try to help you.

Do you welcome children with special needs?

We welcome children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and will work with parents to ensure that their child’s needs are met. The Head has responsibility for this area of work throughout the school.

Is there any space for outdoor play?

There is a fenced play area outside the nursery school with an enclosed area for under threes. We believe fresh air and exercise are beneficial to children and they are encouraged to play outside throughout the year.

What records / reports do you keep?

We keep registration records, records of child’s activities and development and report regularly to parents. All documents are kept secure and confidentiality maintained. Parents are able to see their children’s reports by arrangement and at least once every term. For children under two staff will provide written daily reports on what children have been doing, what food they’ve eaten, the sleeps they’ve had, nappy changes and any developmental milestones reached.

Is the nursery safe?

We operate in a very safe environment. The premises and equipment are inspected regularly. However we also rely on parents to ensure that doors and gates are closed and any safety concerns are reported.

Are you insured?

The service is insured through Sheffield City Council.

What happens if there are accidents or emergencies?

Minor accidents will be dealt with by staff, who all hold First Aid certificates. In case of more serious accident or emergency we will deal with the situation and contact you immediately. Incidents are recorded and you will be informed of the circumstances and asked to sign the report.

What qualifications do staff have?

All members of staff are qualified and have been chosen to meet the very high standards of care that we all expect for your children.
They are expected to continually improve their knowledge and practice through training and appraisal. The whole service is led by an experienced, highly-qualified senior management team. Official staffing ratios are adhered to.

Do you share information?

You know your child best. When you register we will ask for as much information as possible so that we can get the best picture of their routines, temperament, likes and dislikes and anything that might be affecting them. We in turn will pass on information about what is happening in school.