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What happens if I cannot collect my child?

Two members of staff to stay with the child and endeavour to contact a parent/carer or other emergency contact as quickly as possible.
Staff to have access to emergency and home contact phones numbers.
Try to establish contact with parent/carer initially either by home phone
number, mobile or work numbers or all if appropriate.
If unsuccessful, contact would need to be made with other emergency contact numbers given.
If the child lives locally it may be possible for one member of staff to call at the home to make contact with parent/carer. This would be whilst the child stays at nursery with the other member of staff.
If unsuccessful staff will contact the social services department of the City Council. This contact will be made after one hour had passed after the time the child should have been collected.
The number of the Social Care Services Department in this instance is Social Care Out of Hours Team 0114 2734855
Social Care Services will need information on the family, address, parents etc. This information is be available on the entry form filed in the office.
At all times ensure that the child is placated, comforted and fed/watered if required.
Reviewed September 2018